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Our Skills & Expertise

Our TOP Skills & Areas We're Most Experienced In

Web Development & Design

Skilled in automation, any CRM, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, Thrive Themes. Experienced in Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator and more.

Editing & Copywriting

Experienced in technical proofreading (checking for grammar, cohesion, coherence), editing and expanding all types of content. Skilled in copywriting and managing content. 

VA & Customer Service

Experienced in project managing, network and system administration (setting up DNS, phpmyadmin, mysql installations). Customer service with personalized helpful videos. 

Meet The Team

Come and see who will be assisting you from our top-notch team!

Thales Broussard

Founder, Co-Owner & Manager

Amanda Santana

Founder & Co-Owner

Danilo Barros

Junior Virtual Assistant

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Services We Provide

Some of what we know and how we can help you

Building Custom Wordpress Websites

Is your Wordpress website outdated? Does it no longer get you the results you need? On top of that, you just don't want to pay for ready-made templates that are never really what you were looking for.

Here, we'll make your website modern-looking and professional-feeling. You'll get to work one-on-one with the designer so you can proudly display it as unique and exclusive. And the best part: we guarantee fast turnarounds and below average rates!

Expert: Thales Broussard

Content Editing & Copywriting

You have tons of content you need to manage - your social media, daily emails, marketing pages, website... And you don't have time to go over everything, so you always feel like you're picking up the slack when it comes to keeping it all updated.
We can relieve you from that stress by being on top of all things content-related. You'll be doing everything without having to get to details - we'll worry about that for you!

Expert: Amanda Santana

Virtual Assistance Support

You got a team and a project you need to manage? You want to have a better system to get it all done efficiently? Maybe you need a hand with support, or any other tasks that'll take up too much of your time.  We know that's not what you want to be focusing on. We'll make sure you don't have to!

Expert: Danilo Barros

If there is something you need that isn't listed above, please click here and check to see if we provide that service, we couldn't fit everything we do on this page!

Having Faith & Trust Is Everything

Why should you trust us and how can we make you feel safe?
Check out what our a few of past clients have to say...

Thales is great! He handles all the automation we have - and even (often) suggests better/ faster/cheaper ways for us to do it. He's awesome! Do yourself a favor and hire him!

Josh Satterlee

Clinic/Gym Hybrid

Amanda did a great work. Even with a tight deadline she managed to perform a good job. She was always available, organized and committed.

Ana C.

Effectif Translations

Amanda is a very fast learner. She helped us in translating as well as for interpretation. Very professional and hard working. On time with great quality work. Definitely will hire her again in future.

Kunal Desai

JRS Innovation

Here's Our Guarantee!

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Free Continued support

We'll support your project 30 days after it's been approved

We'll be with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you paid for.  But if for any reason you feel that we haven't met your expectations or something breaks, we'll suport you right away for free and in extreme cases we'll even give you your money back. We don't take our top quality commitment lightly!

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