Hi, I'm Thales Broussard.

I'd like to personally welcome you to my about page.

If we lived close by I'd shake your hand, take you out for a bite to eat and drink some cold beers, but this will have to do (for now)!

I have a special something for our future project together…

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Q: How experienced are you?

I've been working online since I was 14, but just in the last 4 years or so is when I started to make actually make money (who would have thought).

I've been through a LOT, from low-level virtual assistance work to traveling 10,870.92 km (6,754.87 mi) to work on-site for an 8 figure marketer.

They were even kind enough to pay for my stay the whole stay there!

Q: Do I really need another helping hand?

If you're the type of person that:

  • Hates trying to figure out new marketing tools your consultant says you need
  • Creating or maintaining a complex campaign you paid for to increase your conversions
  • Even fixing a simple webcam issue you just ran into, and now you have your webinar starting in 15 minutes (oh no!)
  • Need to focus on the bigger picture and stop doing menial tasks

I'm your number one go-to guy for ANY of the issues and tasks above.

Q: What if you don't know everything I need, where do we go from there?

I was the 13-year old that had to set up my Moms' router (every other week #FacePalm), creating Minecraft mods or helping my Dad (Troy Broussard) with some online work on weekends to make an extra buck.

I'm not one to discourage from the unknown (I embrace it).

I also won't try going off too far my area of expertise, if there's something I don't know or am extremely new to, I'll find someone that can help you (free of charge).

Q: Can I “test-drive” your services?

This is a great way for us to get to know each other and see if we're a great fit together.

I suggest we try a small project or task and go from there. I can even provide some guidance for your current project free of charge.

Q: How can you guarantee my satisfaction?

We'll work based on project completion, we'll only continue working together if you feel you're valued and feel taken care of.

Q: How can we chat more about your services?

Click here and I'll make sure to reach out ASAP (same day or 1-2 business days).

I have my own slack channel so if you just wanna chat via text and not a video call, let me know when you reach out!

I have a SPECIAL something if you still here!

Thank you for taking the time and making it this far.

If you commit to sending over information on what you need for your project when you contact me here, I can turn-around our first small project within 1-3 days.

I usually charge for rush orders but for you, I'll look the other way this first time!

If I don't deliver in time or you don't feel you got any value from my work, I'll wave the project fee AND still provide some guidance for your current project free of charge.

What are you still waiting for?

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