September 22

The Leap Of Faith (In Yourself)!


When you were a kid, did you ever play that game (trust fall) where you close your eyes and fall back into your friend's arms, and you had to trust they would catch you before you hit the floor?

I did, and it scared the f*ck outta me!

I remember telling myself a bunch of things that would get me out of that game (even though I wanted to play/trust them).

But I remember one small detail that I held on to this day, I said to myself, “if I had a clone of myself I would play because I could trust me!”

At the time, I didn't think much of this, but I caught myself recently thinking about trusting myself and taking the big leap.

Now, what leap is that?

The leap of trusting yourself again!

When I caught myself doubting me, and I remembered my thought as a 1st grader, I didn't know what thought to trust… I was lost.

How could a first grader have more confidence in himself than a 21-year old that has traveled more than 10,870.92 km (6,754.87 mi) to work on-site for an 8 figure marketer?

My brain knew I had proven to myself how capable I was, but I had mixed feelings…

I didn't know why I felt and was having these thoughts.

In the end, I knew it wasn't me I was doubting but believing someone else's thought of myself, on how much I should make, how much I should speak up and how much noise I should make, etc…

When you rely on someone, it has a lot of excellent benefits like not having to go look for uncertain work, making decent and consistent money, but what's good about it is also it's undoing.

That client will always expect you to work at the rate you first gave them 3-4 years ago, they won't wanna share you because you're also gonna be focused on someone else's company and not just theirs anymore, they might even go out of their way and “warn” you how little work they have to give you and might not need you anymore.

That's all ok (kinda), but you need to have confidence in yourself you will be able to raise your rates based on what you think you're worth (you're worth a lot more, my friend!), have confidence you'll make new relationships and clients along the way and just TRUST yourself once more that you'll be able to pick yourself up off the floor if you fall (because it might happen).

Last time I wrote here was about How To Teach Yourself to Learn, and what I'm writing about now is similar to what I wrote there.

You need to know that if you fail, you'll have yourself to trust and teach yourself on how to XYZ!

Failing is not the opposite of succeeding, they go hand in hand.

Knowing how NOT to do something is also succeeding, it's knowing how not to fail and what to do if you do.

Learn from your mistakes (or others)!

Make sure that next time you're doubting your potential because of how your thoughts have been polluted by someone else, remember in today's day in age you can get a job anywhere (Upwork, Mc Donalds, etc…) but please don't kill your trust with yourself.

You are the only person who will be with you till you leave this earth, so be in peace with yourself first, then CONSIDER listening to others if it has a positive impact in your life.


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